Guide your child on learning adventures.

Early Compass is a community whose purpose is to support you through the challenges of being a parent. 

Early Compass

You can only be at one place at a time, and you only have so much time in a day. So if there were a job post for being a parent, the first line in the job description would be: to always be busy. We are all busy parents. And as a parent myself who shares your desire to provide my kid with the best developmental opportunities, I created Early Compass.

I have already spent endless hours in front of a computer doing research, 20+ hours a week studying childhood development and education and taking all parenting courses online. And I want to share with you the simple joy of helping your child learn and grow by encouraging them to explore the world alongside you.

Early Compass is your no-nonsense guide to raising happy and independent children. So please pull up a seat, pour a mug of coffee (or wine, no judgment), and spend a little time with the resources we have for your family.


At Early Compass, we understand that parenting is unique to every family. Our resources empower you with effective tools to guide your child’s development. Say goodbye to guesswork, reduce challenging behaviors, and build harmonious family relationships.

Interested in our resources? Have a question? Contact us today!

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